Is An Inpatient Rehab Center Effective For Teenagers?

In 2020, close to forty thousand non-adult (less than 18 years of age) clients sought drug addiction treatment in the United States. The same year, just under thirty-seven percent of 12th graders reported using illicit drugs within the last month. These pieces of data point to the fact that effective rehab is a crucial exercise that a rehab center for teenagers must get right to help both teens and their families avoid the devastating consequences of life-long drug addiction.

Teenage drug addiction treatment options

Parents of teenagers with a substance use disorder often find it challenging to find the right treatment option.

The options they might consider are:

  • Inpatient (residential) rehab treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Outpatient rehab treatment
  • In-home rehab treatment

Each option can be effective, but it depends on the drug involved, addiction duration, and whether the teen is willing to undertake a specific treatment option. For most parents, taking their teen away from everything to an inpatient facility is often the first choice, but is it always the best one?

Is an inpatient rehab center for teenagers effective?

An inpatient rehab center for teenagers often has tailor-made programs centered around their age group. For example, they might have campuses dedicated to teens that allow them to be among peers.

Most inpatient rehab centers for teens offer short stays of between seven and ninety days. The teen will go through programs like detox, individual and group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and contingency management during this time.

Once the stay is over, they return home with the anticipation that they have regained enough control over their lives to overcome triggers and live a healthier life. Yet this is not always the case.

teenage drug rehabilitation

Here are some pros and cons of inpatient teen addiction treatment that illustrate this point.


  • Living in a controlled environment provides a hard reset for destructive habits
  • Some facilities provide recovery schools so teens can continue education
  • Comprehensive treatment options can help address co-occurring conditions like depression and social anxiety
  • Inpatient facilities are best equipped to deal with severe addiction and dangerous withdrawal symptoms


  • Inpatient facilities have a rigidly controlled environment that might not prepare a teen to return to life, school, and friends
  • Residential treatment costs can be pretty steep, especially if stays are extended or frequent
  • Shipping a teen off to rehab can seem like abandonment, enhancing negative feelings and giving them a sense of despair
  • If an inpatient facility does not offer educational support, your teen might fall behind in schoolwork, making it difficult to reintegrate once they finish their stay

In-home teenage rehab treatment: a better option

In-home rehab is exactly what it sounds like: it is a type of concierge medicine that treats your teen’s substance use disorder right in your home.

Here are several benefits of this approach:

  • Your teen has in-person support from the entire family during treatment
  • As a parent, you get to monitor progress and request adjustments as required
  • The long-term cost of in-home treatment is lower than inpatient treatment because you don’t have to pay for transport, living expenses, and other amenities
  • Your teen can be treated for multiple co-occurring conditions at the same time
  • Your teen gets a customized treatment plan that matches their needs
  • They can continue schooling as usual
  • Treatments are private and discreet

Private In-Home Addiction Treatment For Teenagers

Although an inpatient rehab center for teenagers is always the first port of call, a viable alternative is an in-home rehab program like Elite Home Detox. We are a comprehensive addiction rehab service that offers tailor-made in-home treatment options. Our personalized care and one-on-one attention offer a higher success rate than inpatient programs.

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