Interventions can be a valuable first step in helping a drug user accept that they need to start their rehabilitation journey.

Interventions with Elite Home Detox

An intervention is a group meeting that gathers the friends and family of an individual who has a drug addiction with the goal of getting the user to accept treatment. Sometimes, an intervention is necessary for patients to understand how their drug addiction impacts their friends, family, career, and life.

Prior to the intervention, friends and family work with a trained addiction intervention specialist to develop messaging that helps prevent the individual struggling with drug use from becoming defensive.

Interventions may:

  • Help patients understand that they have support from friends and family
  • Show how friends and family can support the rehabilitation process
  • Explain the consequences of what friends and family may do if the person does not accept that they need to seek treatment
  • Demonstrate how their addiction is impacting their relationships with examples and conversations
  • Include a clear rehabilitation plan for the individual with actionable strategies and goals if they do agree to seek help
  • Plan transportation to an inpatient or outpatient facility if this is determined to be the best treatment option for the patient

Interventions are delicate, as the person may not want to accept that they have a drug use problem. An intervention specialist can mediate the conversation, de-escalate a defensive response, and help a drug user accept that they need to start their rehabilitation journey.

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