Sober Companionship

Sober Companionship provides ongoing daily support to help patients adjust to a drug-free lifestyle after detox in order to prevent relapse.

Benefits of sober companionship

A patient’s recovery journey may last months or years after detox, as mental dependence on the drug can long outlast physical dependence. Sober companions are specially-trained individuals who work with patients to maintain long-term recovery goals. They act as a patient’s personal coach and provide emotional support to help patients adjust to their new drug-free lifestyle after detox is over.

Sober companions provide ongoing support to prevent relapse, including:

  • Provide transportation
  • Help schedule appointments
  • Provide health and wellness support
  • Reinforcing healthy habits learned during rehab
  • Help patients reconnect with their support network
  • Removing triggers such as drugs or alcohol from the patient’s home
  • Discouraging drug or alcohol use

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