An In-Home Detox Program In California: Better Than A Rehab Center?

Taking that first step towards a life of sobriety is a powerful way for you to gain control over your life. However, attempting a detox can be a very dangerous and painful process without proper medical supervision. While many detox programs operate on an inpatient basis, a comprehensive in-home detox program in California is just a phone call or click away. If you or someone you love is seriously considering a drug or alcohol detox program, here are some options and information to consider.

Comparing your treatment options

There are several types of treatment options available.

  • In-home treatment is a relatively new way to detox and has shown tremendous promise. Offering the same counsel and trigger management as Inpatient treatment, this therapy takes place privately in the home. One way to describe this method is that instead of leaving home to go to detox, the detox comes to you at home. Usually less expensive than in-patient detox facilities, this is a convenient option for those looking to detox without risk of Covid exposure and still get sober.
  • Inpatient treatment places the individual with an addiction in an environment where each moment is monitored by clinicians. Usually lasting 28 days, this treatment typically removes contact to the outside world. This may be especially challenging for those who want to have their usual support network around them during this difficult time.
  • Outpatient treatment features the same services found at on-site facilities but allows the patient to return home after their therapy concludes. While less restrictive than inpatient treatment, the distance and travel between home and your clinic of choice can prove both a financial and time obstacle for this treatment.

Elite Home Detox Is Your In-Home Detox Program In California

Elite Home Detox is the most trusted option for an in-home detox program in California. Offering all of our services at your home, Elite Home Detox is your most convenient and private treatment available. Providing in-home treatment and support promotes lifelong recovery because plans are designed around your needs and your schedule. We offer private in-home detox services throughout California and provide a gateway towards a life free of addiction.


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