How Much Does Inpatient Rehab Cost?

How much does inpatient rehab cost? That’s one of several questions millions of Americans with a substance use disorder ask before considering treatment. For most, the thought of potentially paying thousands of dollars in drug rehab treatment costs can be enough to discourage them from seeking treatment.

While multiple drug rehabilitation treatment options exist, inpatient treatment is the most prevalent in the country. Not only are they the most advertised, but they are also the most popular due to factors like pop culture and dramatization on TV and movies. As such, someone seeking treatment will consider an inpatient rehab facility, and knowing how much they cost can help them make the right decision.

Medical detox: $250 to $800 per day

Intensive outpatient treatment: $3,000 to $10,000

General outpatient rehab: $1,400 to $10,000

Inpatient (residential) treatment: $5,000 to $80,000 or more

Inpatient drug rehab treatment costs the most, and costs can run up even higher when considering other factors that influence its final price tag.

What factors can influence the cost of inpatient drug rehab treatment?

Type of program

Various programs like detox, sober living, and residential rehab can influence the cost of inpatient drug addiction treatment. An inpatient detox program running seven days might cost up to $6,000, while a 30-day residential treatment stay can cost $20,000.

Length of stay

Most drug rehab treatment programs charge by the day, so the length of stay directly impacts how much the program will cost. Individuals with long-term, entrenched addictions require more extended stays of up to 90 days, which can quickly drive the cost of inpatient rehab north of $60,000.

Amenities provided

Residential treatment facilities offer various levels of amenities at different price points. For instance, luxury rehab centers feature resort-like campuses costing as much as $2,000 per day. On the other hand, more affordable residential rehabs can cost several hundred dollars per day because of the on-campus basic amenities and services.

Relapse incidents

Addiction treatment comes with the chance that relapse will occur. When it does, checking into a rehab facility for a 7 to 30-day stay can affect the ongoing cost of treatment and care. For example, three relapse episodes in a year at $20,000 per relapse translate into $60,000+ in annual rehab costs.

Geographical location

Where you are located is a significant factor in the cost of inpatient rehab treatment. States like California and New York have some of the most expensive inpatient facilities due to various factors like affluence, popularity, and demographics.

Type of drug abused

Drugs like crack cocaine and alcohol are typically more expensive to treat because they require longer residential stays, more intensive care, and extended medication assisted treatment programs. In addition, these types of drug addictions have high relapse rates, driving the cost of inpatient treatment even higher.

In-Home Drug Rehab Treatment: A More Affordable And Effective Option

Inpatient treatment is an expensive option for drug rehab treatment. Fortunately, it isn’t the only option for rehab that works. A more affordable option, especially in the long run, is in-home drug rehab treatment. Getting home-based treatment does not attract costs associated with amenities or length of stay. In addition, relapse incidences do not come with a high price tag because your in-home treatment program will offer ongoing support and treatment for as long as required.

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