How To Detox From Marijuana At Home

If you are looking to cut back on your marijuana use, you may be looking for ways to get support. How can you detox from marijuana at home? Are there advantages to medically-managed detox? Keep reading to learn more!

Quitting “Cold Turkey”

Quitting cold turkey means you stop consuming marijuana. Unlike alcohol or drugs like opioids, marijuana withdrawal is not considered dangerous. However, quitting cold turkey means that you will likely experience more intense withdrawal symptoms, especially if you are a heavy user or have used marijuana for a long period of time.

Gradual tapering method

This method involves gradually reducing use over time. By reducing doses in small increments, your body slowly adjusts over time, reducing the impact on the body and minimizing drug symptoms.

If you choose to do a tapering schedule, you should be sure to plan a deadline for your last use and create a tapering strategy on how much you will cut back and on what schedule. You can also consider switching to a lower-potency product.

What can I expect from marijuana withdrawal?

Knowing in advance what withdrawal symptoms you may experience can help you prepare for the experience.

Common marijuana withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Aggression or irritability
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Appetite changes or changes in weight
  • Flu-like symptoms such as chills, fever, headaches, or sweating
  • Difficulty sleeping or fatigue
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How long does marijuana withdrawal last?

The duration of marijuana detox at home can be affected by a number of factors, including:

  • How long you have been using marijuana
  • How much marijuana you consume
  • Overall health and medical history

Most heavy marijuana users can expect withdrawal to follow the following timeline:

Day 1

Within the first 24 hours of withdrawal, you can expect symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, and insomnia.

Days 2-3

Symptoms peak during this time period with strong cravings. This is the time at which the temptation to relapse will be strongest. Common symptoms include stomach pain, chills, and sweating.

Days 4-14

Symptoms gradually improve during this time period, and you still may experience cravings. Depression may develop as the brain adjusts to operating without THC.

Days 15+

Most symptoms should disappear by week 3. People with strong dependency may continue to experience depression and anxiety for several months after detox.

What are the advantages of medically-managed detox?

Medically managed detox means a doctor will evaluate your health, medical history, and consumption habits to develop an appropriate detox plan. Most healthcare professionals advocate for a tapering method approach, as this method helps reduce the chance of relapse. Having a doctor create a schedule to help you cut down can reduce your stress and allow you to focus on recovery.

Doctors may also be able to identify health concerns that may contribute to your consumption habits. For example, many people use marijuana to help cope with mental health disorders. By identifying and treating coexisting health issues, patients can be better equipped to deal with triggers and avoid relapse.

After detox is complete, your doctor can help refer you to counseling and recovery services so you can stay sober. Having a support system as you adjust to a drug-free lifestyle is important to help you avoid relapse.

Get Medically-Managed Detox From Marijuana At Home With Elite Home Detox

If you want medical-managed detox from marijuana at home, reach out to Elite Home Detox. We are a licensed, mobile healthcare practice offering addiction-focused healthcare. Our experts can work with you to develop a withdrawal management plan centered around your unique needs.

We offer a full suite of addiction recovery support services, including:

  • In-Home Detox: Our licensed healthcare professionals will monitor progress and administer treatment for detox symptoms in the comfort and privacy of your home
  • Sober Companionship: Sober companions are specially trained personal coaches who can help you adjust to a drug-free lifestyle and support you in recovery
  • Psychiatric Evaluation: Identify and get treatment for any underlying mental health disorder that may contribute to your addiction struggles
  • Case Management: Get matched with support services based on your individual needs.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment: Detox symptoms and cravings are managed with medications to reduce discomfort
  • Interventions: Our Intervention Specialists can work with loved ones to develop a supportive message to help motivate a loved one to get help for their addiction
  • NAD IV Therapy: NAD IV therapy can help the body heal faster and reduce withdrawal symptoms
  • Concierge Medical Services: We offer addiction-focused healthcare treatment to help address health concerns that may appear during recovery.

We also offer aftercare monthly memberships, which include a number of support services for a monthly fee. We are proud to offer a discreet, patient-focused rehabilitation practice – contact Elite Home Detox by giving us a call or clicking the button below today!


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