How To Get Private Alcohol Detox

An individual who struggles daily with alcohol dependence will continue down a very destructive path if they don’t reach out for help. Detox is the very first and most important step in reclaiming control of your life, but it can be hard to make the time to stay several weeks at an inpatient treatment center. Fortunately, private alcohol detox can save you time while being one of the most effective and efficient ways to overcome your alcohol addiction.

How can home detox help?

Private alcohol detox is an in-home treatment option that enables you to begin your recovery journey in the privacy of your own home. At-home detox treatment brings the quality of a traditional rehabilitation center directly to you. You will receive the same services and supervision as you would in an inpatient clinic. However, this type of treatment is customized to your specific needs and allows for more personalized treatment, unlike the cookie-cutter style of traditional programs.

When someone is struggling with an addiction, they want to be close to family and friends when trying to recover. They fear being separated from their loved ones and usual support network at an inpatient center, where communication with the outside world may be limited or nonexistent. An in-home detox program provides the care you need without taking you away from your family and friends.

Your home environment is the best place to be when going through any difficult time in your life, as it is the place where you feel the safest and secure.

medical nurse, hands touching as a sign of support

It’s also a private environment, which is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain their privacy while getting the help they need.

How does private alcohol detox work?

Private alcohol detox will ensure you receive professional care from qualified individuals. Our detox team will come to you and make the entire detox process as easy as possible. Here’s how the at-home detox process works.

Step 1

Our physician will develop a customized plan specifically designed to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Step 2

A registered nurse will come directly to your home at the start of your detox program.

Step 3

One of our nurses will remain onsite throughout the detox process to monitor your progress.

Step 4

The nurse will be able to administer any medications you may need during the detox. They can also draw bloodwork and assist you with any medical needs that arise.

After detox, we will continue work with you and alongside your family to help you physically and mentally make a lasting recovery with various aftercare programs.

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Here at Elite Home Detox, our medical team wants you to succeed just as much as you and your family. We want to help make your detox as comfortable as possible. We’re ready to offer coaching and counseling through your withdrawal symptoms and answer any questions you have along the way.

Our professional team is qualified in every aspect of recovery so you can rest assured that you are getting the care you need. Let us help you overcome your addiction for good. Call us today and schedule your first appointment!


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