What Happens When You Mix Ibuprofen And Alcohol?

If you’re looking at options to detox from alcohol, you may be wondering whether or not you could detox at home by managing withdrawal symptoms with over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen. But is mixing ibuprofen and alcohol really safe? Keep reading to learn more!

Most forms of ibuprofen are sold over the counter, meaning they do not require a doctor’s prescription. Typically, occasionally indulging in a small sip of alcohol while taking ibuprofen is not harmful.

However, because alcohol and ibuprofen can amplify each other’s effects when taken together, regularly consuming them together, or binge drinking while taking ibuprofen, can be especially harmful.

alcohol and pills
  • Stomach and intestinal bleeding: Over time, studies have shown that mixing ibuprofen and alcohol puts you at increased risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • Kidney damage: Signs that your kidney function is being impacted by drinking and mixing alcohol with other drugs and substances include tiredness, shortness of breath, and swelling in hands, feet, and ankles.
  • Decreased alertness: Mixing alcohol and ibuprofen can amplify the other’s drowsy effects, putting you at greater risk of injury due to slowed reaction times and falling asleep when you shouldn’t.

How to detox safely

If you are planning to detox from alcohol, it’s extremely important that you seek guidance from a healthcare provider. Detox symptoms aren’t simply unpleasant, they can be dangerous. Although rare, the most dangerous alcohol withdrawal symptoms are known as Delirium Tremens (DTs), which can result in death if left untreated.

Addiction healthcare typically comes in the form of 30-day programs offered by clinics. These programs can be inpatient or outpatient. After detox, these programs offer individual and group counseling to help patients learn how to deal with stress without utilizing alcohol.

While these programs benefit many, some people struggle with the traditional approach. Stress over explaining a prolonged absence and fear of facing the stigma of addiction once the program is over can be a large obstacle for people to overcome. Others may have difficulty absorbing techniques soon after detox, or have trouble figuring out how to apply what they learned to real life stressors. People in these situations may benefit from the more personalized approach offered by in-home addiction treatment services.

Elite Home Detox Can Help You Safely Begin Your Journey To Sobriety Without Leaving Home

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We offer personalized rehab services from a perspective that truly understands the challenges those in recovery face. Once detox is complete, our Dedicated Care Coordinators will help you create a recovery plan and stick to it, making sure you stay organized and setting you up for success.

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