What Is The Usual Alcohol Detox Timeline?

Once you decide to take steps to become sober, you will begin alcohol detox. This process may not be pleasant, but it is necessary in order to begin your recovery journey. Today, we discuss the alcohol detox timeline to help you understand the withdrawal symptoms that your body may go through.

What to expect from the alcohol detox timeline

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can start within 8 hours of your last drink and last for several weeks.

There are three stages of alcohol withdrawal:

Stage 1

Mild symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, trouble sleeping, upset stomach, fast heart rate, and hand tremors. These symptoms typically last between 6 – 12 hours.

Stage 2

You may still experience symptoms from stage 1 along with moderate symptoms such as high blood pressure and heart rate, rapid breathing, and confusion. This stage may last 1 – 3 days.

Stage 3

You may still experience symptoms from both previous stages, but you may also experience more severe symptoms such as hallucinations, becoming disoriented, and possible seizures (rare). This stage may last a week.

Symptoms can be scary to go through and frightening for your friends and family to watch. They may also be dangerous, which is why it’s recommended to get medically managed detox. Stage 3 symptoms can be very severe, and you don’t want anything bad to happen in these cases.

DIY detox vs. detox with a professional

You may choose to go into a rehabilitation treatment center to begin treatment under the supervision of medical professionals. You could also decide to detox at your own home with the support of your closest friends and family. The choice is yours, but you should be aware of the pros and cons of each.

DIY detox

Detoxing in your own home with a DIY remedy sounds very comforting to many people. You don’t have to leave home or spend significant amounts of money to get treatment at an inpatient center.

However, your withdrawal symptoms can be physically and mentally draining. Your family may not understand what you are going through, and even though they are there by your side, you may need a medical team nearby to help you make it through safely.

DIY remedies also don’t address the root causes or triggers of addiction, which means that even if you successfully complete detox, you don’t have the tools at your disposal to avoid relapse. When you detox at home, you tend to fall back into old habits faster and end all that you have worked for.

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Medically managed detox

Detoxing with a professional is the safest and offers you the best chance of success. Medical professionals are there to handle everything related to your detox, and they know exactly what to expect during the alcohol detox timeline.

You will receive counseling and therapy to help you address alcohol use triggers. Your care team can help you recognize when you reach for alcohol and develop healthy coping mechanisms that help you avoid relapsing down the line.

Your care team can also help you overcome withdrawal symptoms with techniques such as MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment ) or NAD IV therapy. These options can reduce withdrawal symptoms, improve your comfort, and even reduce cravings that lead to relapse.

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