Can You Get Private Alcohol Detox Treatment In Orange County, CA?

People struggling with alcoholism often discover that the first step on their road to recovery is detoxification, often referred to as detox. This process eliminates alcohol from the body after both the body has adjusted chemically to having the substance regularly. The purpose of detox is to help the body process and get through the withdrawal symptoms safely. Alcohol detox can be a very dangerous and painful process without the aid of medical supervision. Residents in search of private alcohol detox treatment in Orange County, California have several options available.

What are your options for private alcohol detox?

There are several detox options available depending on specific needs: inpatient, outpatient, and in-home. Those looking for a more discreet option have found that in-home alcohol detox programs are an ideal way to overcome their physical addiction privately.

This treatment within the home often helps the patient transition from the temptations of drinking within the environment usually containing their trigger to drink. Typically provided by concierge healthcare providers, these practices deliver the same services usually performed in clinics to the privacy and comfort of your home.

In-home detox is an ideal option for those in need of detox but are hesitant due to concerns of privacy, such as high-profile individuals, celebrities, and anyone who has a reputation to protect.

How in-home alcohol detox works

First, a physician trained in addiction medicine will evaluate the individual’s health, medical history, and addiction history. They will then create a custom plan designed around the person’s needs.

After the program begins, a medical professional will remain onsite during the detox to deliver medications for discomfort as well as monitor progress and symptoms. Coaching through and during withdrawals, performing lab tests, and administering IV treatment may be a part of the patient’s rehab plan.

Private And Discreet In-Home Alcohol Treatment In California

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