In-Home Detox & Recovery Services

Below is our full list of services, covering all aspects of drug rehabilitation from problem recognition and intervention to detoxification treatment, post-treatment, and continued aftercare and recovery services. We are here for you every step of the way.

In-Home Detox

In-home detox helps patients start the addiction rehabilitation and recovery process in a private, comfortable, and stress-free setting.

Drug & Alcohol Testing / Monitoring

Regular drug and alcohol testing and monitoring reinforce a client’s recovery by deterring drug use and relapse.

Mental Health Stabilization

Substance abuse and mental health issues often go hand in hand. Diagnosing and treating mental health disorders is an essential part of a successful recovery.

Aftercare Management

Aftercare managers work with the treatment team to plan a path to recovery by assessing individual client needs and finding aftercare services for the most effective care.

Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Drug and alcohol counseling addresses drug use triggers and helps patients develop healthy coping mechanisms for a drug-free life.


An intervention organizes the friends and family of an individual struggling with substance abuse to encourage them to accept help.

Family Counseling

Family education and counseling services help families fully understand addiction and develop healthy coping mechanisms and boundaries.

NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV therapy flushes drugs out of your body during the drug detox process, reducing or eliminating withdrawal symptoms that can lead to relapse.

Concierge Medical Services

Concierge medical services treat the physical symptoms of withdrawal to improve patients’ comfort during detox, and, following detox, make a full recovery to good long-term health.

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