What Is Polysubstance Abuse And How To Deal With It?

Polysubstance abuse is the term used to describe an individual who uses at least three different substances to achieve their desired effect. A person may become dependent on multiple substances for many reasons, one of the foremost being tolerance. One or two drugs may become too much of a normal feeling, and the person craves a stronger feeling. A person who struggles with multiple substances will need a comprehensive detox, treatment, and recovery program overseen by medical professionals.

The dangers of polysubstance abuse

Polysubstance abuse does not need to be limited to illegal drugs only. The addiction and dependency can be to prescription drugs, illicit substances, alcohol, and more.

Regardless of the type of drugs used, ingesting multiple drugs at once is a very serious risk to your body. When you combine multiple drugs, they can have unintentional interactions with potentially severe consequences.

Side effects of substance abuse can include:

  • vomiting
  • body pain
  • nausea
  • inability to balance yourself
  • the rise of your heart rate and blood pressure

These symptoms can be severe and have lasting long-term effects. There are many other side effects that aren’t mentioned here.

Health issues and substance abuse

People who abuse multiple types of drugs can you vulnerable to several health issues.

  • Increased severity of side effects
  • Acute health problems
  • Complications due to co-occurring mental disorders

Various diseases are more common in those people who are chronic substance abusers. Drugs and alcohol can cause the metabolism to reduce and increase the blood concentration of the substances that are being abused.

Specific diseases are more common depending on the types of substances being abused.

heart care sign

For example, a person who uses IV drugs could suffer from Hepatitis C, and a person who abuses tobacco could end up with heart complications such as a heart attack. Substance abuse of any kind worsens the symptoms of any individual who already has any mental disorder. The abuse of multiple substances simultaneously in someone with mental illnesses will cause the symptoms to be multiplied.

Inpatient rehab vs. in-home treatment

When you realize you need help and want to recover from your addiction, you want to get the proper and most effective treatment. You have several options in addiction treatment and recovery.

Inpatient rehabilitation

Inpatient rehabilitation can be a reliable treatment option for some people. When you check yourself into a rehab center, you are sure to be enrolled in intense therapy designed to help you recover within several weeks.

In-home treatment

In-home treatment is an efficient way to detox and recover. This option will send qualified professionals to your home and help you recover in privacy surrounded by family and friends. This option is one of the most effective ways to recover as treatments are designed to help you identify drug use triggers and develop healthy coping mechanisms to help you avoid relapse.

Detoxing and recovering with in-home treatment will provide a comfortable environment where you can feel at ease and focus on changing your life. There is no added pressure of learning the ways and surroundings of a whole new setting.

In-Home Therapy: A Better Path To Recovery

In-home polysubstance abuse treatment requires comprehensive treatment to recover and move on with your life. Elite Home Detox will design a customized treatment plan to ensure you get the care you need. More than that, in-home means exactly what it says: in-home. You will not have to leave for counseling, detox, therapy sessions, bloodwork, and more. This will save you time and travel costs so you can focus on your recovery.

You will not have to worry about being alone while detoxing. We will be there to administer any medications you may need to help you safely and comfortably detox. Our professionals will offer you counseling that fits your needs and lifestyle. Your care team is available 24/7 to provide you with the individualized treatment you need.

If you’re ready to begin your addiction recovery journey, give us a call or book an appointment using the button below!


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