What Can A Detox Doctor Do For Your Health?

The realization you have an addiction to drugs can be a staggering and devastating discovery. This article will show you how to craft a gameplan to find the assistance needed so you won’t have to navigate your recovery alone. First, though, let’s talk about what a detox doctor is and why they are so important for a successful recovery.

A drug detox doctor is a medical professional who specializes in substance abuse recovery. They can help detox your body from drugs, alleviate the painful side effects of withdrawal, and work with you to develop a plan designed for long-term recovery.

While in detox, you will be under the monitor of doctors, nurses or physicians specially trained in handling addiction and the methods with which to separate the individual from their chosen substance. These medical professionals are referred to as detox doctors or rehabilitation specialists.

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Why get professional help?

Drug addictions cause your body to become accustomed to having the substance in your system, thus becoming reliant on them. When someone suddenly ceases to use drugs, the removal of said substance during detox causes an adjustment in the brain due to the abrupt decline in these chemicals. This process typically unfurls an undesirable set of symptoms commonly known as ‘withdrawal symptoms’.

Detoxification is a process where drugs are gradually removed from the body of a person who is dependent on a given substance. Detox is the first and most important step for individuals with addictions that are so extreme they cannot safely manage withdrawal symptoms without medical supervision.

What are the health benefits of getting medically managed detox and rehab?

Dangers of going "cold turkey"

If your body has become dependent on a substance, it can be unsafe or even life threatening to suddenly cease using that substance, depending on the drug used. Your brain becomes accustomed to how the drug affects it, then makes an adjustment in order to function normally. Both brain and body eventually build up a tolerance which equates to needing to consume larger quantities of the substance to achieve the same effects.

Managing the side effects

A detox doctor and rehabilitation specialist can utilize medications and other techniques to carefully manage the side effects of withdrawal. Some instances will see a replacement medication introduced in order to fend off more intense cravings.

The most successful detox

The most successful mode of detox is one that is conducted by trained professionals and medically supervised. Attempting to detox without proper support and on your own is seldom successful and can often lead to a lack of motivation after numerous failed attempts.

Short-term benefits

The benefits of a medically managed detox and rehabilitation program are abundant. Some of these benefits are apparent almost immediately, while others won’t be displayed until later in the recovery process.

  • A few of the short-term benefits of a professionally managed detox are more on-the-surface changes, like the improved appearance and strength of your hair, skin and nails.
  • Many patients have also reported a noticeable increase in energy and genuine feelings of optimism during the first few days.
  • Long term benefits of a medically supervised detox and rehab program include decreasing the risk of chronic conditions and health issues connected with substance abuse.
  • Recovering from addiction can also give individuals an elevated sense of confidence and improve personal and professional relationships.

How does in-home detox work and how does it help prevent relapse?

The road to recovery from substance abuse can be both harrowing and dangerous without proper support and expertise. A medically managed and supervised detox greatly enhances the patient’s chances for long-term recovery by placing them in a secure and safe environment during the initial stages. Many detox programs are performed in treatment facilities or doctor’s offices, but you now have options for full-service detox treatment right at home.

In-home detox treatment offers a medically supervised drug and alcohol detox in the confidential comfort of your own home. This service sees a medical professional perform and oversee your detox and will remain onsite to supervise and administer various medications to help ease the pain.

Your detox doctor or physician can administer IVs if needed, perform lab testing and can help navigate you through the painful withdrawal symptoms. You can also look towards your doctor if you have a concerning question or just wish to have a frank discussion about any obstacles you are encountering during the detox process.

In-home detox treatment delivers a full-service detox program to you, eliminating the hassle of commuting to a traditional detox clinic. Featuring fully personalized care and onsite, around the clock supervision and guidance from a medical professional allows you the attention needed during the withdrawal process.

One of the most crucial and deeply beneficial features of In-home detox service is what comes afterwards. Post-detox aftercare services are a safety measure to ensure you have not only conquered your addiction, but you are also equipped with the tools required to remain free of addiction for the long road ahead.

It’s good practice to remember that medical detox is merely the first rung on the ladder of recovery and should be supplemented with therapy, education, and long-term support systems.

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