How To Recognize A Crack Addict

If a loved one appears to be struggling, you may feel hesitant to accuse them of an addiction and make matters worse. Crack addiction symptoms are difficult to hide or disguise, unlike other substances.

Read on for more information about what crack addict behavior looks like and how you can help.

The resulting rocks are typically consumed by heating them with a lighter and inhaling the vapors. Crack can also be consumed by injection.

Crack is significantly more potent than cocaine in powder form, which makes it both more addictive and more dangerous. Smoking this drug allows it to reach the brain and start working more quickly, producing an intense euphoria and sense of confidence that typically lasts 15-20 minutes. Regular use gradually impacts the body’s ability to produce dopamine naturally, meaning that feelings of happiness and pleasure become tied to use of the drug.

woman smoking crack

What does crack abuse look like?

Signs that your loved one may be addicted to crack include:

Changes in appetite

A crack addict may develop eating habits previously uncharacteristic of them. They may devour food incredibly fast, or completely lose their appetite and being quickly losing weight.

Fatigue or changed sleep habits

Once the high wears off, users of crack cocaine will feel exhausted, which can range from seeming tired and sluggish to sleeping for days at a time.

Bursts of energy

Crack is a stimulant, so it can cause people to be more animated than normal, including acting erratically or aggressively, rapid talking, and restlessness.

Oral health problems

Cocaine use can take a toll on users’ teeth, infamously causing rapid tooth decay and often referred to as crackhead tetth. Other warning signs include gum recession, cracked or blistered lips (crackhead lips), and bleeding in the mouth.

Recognizing the paraphernalia

The most common piece used to smoke crack cocaine is a narrow glass or metal pipe, which sometimes has a round ball at the end. Addicts may also create makeshift pipes from common materials.

Frequent disappearances

People who are addicted to crack cocaine can become obsessed with the drug as their bodies stop naturally producing dopamine. A crack addict may take breaks to smoke crack as soon as the pleasurable effects of their previous hit have worn off.

These materials may include:

  • Soft drink cans
  • Glass and plastic bottles
  • Lightbulbs
  • Empty asthma inhalers

Objects used to smoke crack are likely to have black burn marks.

How you can help – the importance of interventions

Getting help for a loved one suffering from addiction to crack cocaine can feel overwhelming. In addition to handling the logistics, convincing a loved one to accept help can be daunting.

Interventions are coordinated efforts to address a loved one’s addiction and urge them toward recovery. The intervention process is very delicate, and you should strongly consider utilizing an intervention specialist to guide you through the process.

The most important thing you can do for your loved one is show that there is a community of people who care and want to help.

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Elite Home Detox Can Bring Intervention Expertise To You

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Should your loved one agree to accept help, our In-Home Cocaine Detox program can help your loved one avoid a cold clinical setting and detox in the privacy and comfort of their home. We understand what you’re going through, and we’re ready to help. Call or click the button below for a consultation today!


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