Traditional Rehab Vs In Home Cocaine Detox In Florida

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that changes brain communication by releasing dopamine. This flood of dopamine causes the euphoric high most commonly associated with cocaine, and with it comes serious risk of addiction. Getting rehab is essential if you’ve become addicted, but should you get standard rehab or in-home cocaine detox in Florida?

Why get cocaine detox?

If you are dependent on cocaine and stop using it cold turkey, your body goes into immediate withdrawal due to the absence of the drug in your bloodstream. Withdrawal symptoms can be so difficult to manage that even the most determined individuals may end up relapsing despite their best efforts. Attempting to detox at home without proper support only raises these significantly high relapse risks.

What are your rehab options?

In-home treatment is a service where a rehab treatment provider brings a comprehensive range of treatments to a person’s home. This can help transition away from drugs while in the environment that may contain their triggers. In-home cocaine detox treatment in Florida is the safest, most affordable and private option available.

Outpatient treatment requires the individual to visit a recovery facility during scheduled sessions throughout the week, allowing the individual to remain with their families during the treatment and doesn’t typically impose on one’s job or daily activities.

In-patient treatment requires the individual to check into a residential rehab facility to undergo a medically supervised detox with support 24 hours a day. Drawbacks to this treatment are the high cost of 24/7 care, separation from your family and support circle, and unpreparedness to deal with real world triggers.

In-Home Addiction Recovery With Elite Home Detox

Now that you’ve found the right treatment for you, it’s time to find the right team to assist in addiction recovery. Offering the most professional in-home cocaine detox in Florida, Elite Home Detox are bringing innovation directly to the homeplace. More affordable than traditional in-patient facilities, Elite Home Detox offers personalized care to the comfort of your home.

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