How Much Does At Home Detox Cost In New York Metro Areas?

Detoxing from drug or alcohol addiction is extremely difficult and uncomfortable under the best of circumstances. It’s even harder when you’re away from your friends and family at a rehab facility. Aside from the feeling of abandonment, it’s also costly to go through the detoxification process at rehab clinics and hospitals alike. But what can you expect from the cost of home detox in New York? Let’s take a look.

Cost of at-home detox vs. a rehab facility

The cost of going to a rehab facility is extraordinary when you break down the details. Typically, it takes anywhere from two weeks to a month at the facility to fully detox and go through their program. While you’re there, you’re paying for room and board as well as meals and nursing care. On top of that, some luxury rehab centers offer premium services such as spas and massages that can increase your daily cost.

The cost range is quite extensive, considering the number of options for rehabilitation. However, you can expect to pay a minimum of $3,000 for the basest of facilities and the shortest stay there.

The cost of home detox in New York, on the other hand, can cost much less than most facilities. Some programs range from $300 to $500 per day, and you can save the cost of transportation or an inpatient stay with detox in the comfort of your home. The end cost is ultimately lower than most rehab facilities in the New York area, especially since home detox programs aim to help you develop the tools to prevent relapse – meaning you won’t need a second program.

In-Home Detox With Elite Home Detox

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