How Much Does At-Home Detox Cost In California?

What is the cost of home detox in California?

There is no single price tag for a home detox program. This is because the cost of home detox in California can vary for several reasons. These variables include:

  • Type of treatment
  • Patient needs
  • Length of program
  • Your insurance coverage

That said, in-home services are more affordable than inpatient rehabilitation centers. Home detox aims to help you develop the skills you need to stay clean for a lifetime, even after your initial detox. This means that you can avoid the costs associated with relapse. Home detox also doesn’t require you to travel to an inpatient facility. You can continue working and meeting your daily obligations with in-home programs.

At-home vs. inpatient rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation centers are the most common way to detox, but traditional rehab can be costly. In many cases, an addict finds themselves not fully recovered fairly soon after checking out these centers. This can lead to relapse and additional costs as the patient needs to go through detox all over again.

Compared to inpatient rehabilitation centers that are not known to keep in touch with their patients after they check out, in-home is the most effective choice. At-home treatment will send qualified healthcare professionals directly to your home. Your physician will design a detox program meant for you.

In-Home Detox In California With Elite Home Detox

If you need a detox program for you or a loved one, Elite Home Detox will give you the level of customized care required to overcome addiction. At-home detox programs provide privacy during such a difficult time, and they will remain in your life as long as you need them. They offer ongoing counseling and therapy, among other outpatient services after the initial detox.

Our professionals will be there to safely manage withdrawal symptoms while surrounded by your friends and family. Call Elite Home Detox today and schedule a consultation.


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