How To Safely Get Off Alcohol At Home

According to the national survey, about 52000 deaths per year in the US are related to alcohol overconsumption. The number, for sure, is scary. Our loved ones who can’t seem to get a grip on their drinking habits might make up this list. Hence, it’s important to understand the significance of alcohol obsession and take measures that will help.

How excessive consumption of alcohol affects your home environment

Our alcohol consumption patterns have a significant impact on our home environment. Whether you’re living with your parents or have a family with a bunch of kids, the impact can be devastating.

People who tend to depend on alcohol are known to display aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, what starts as a fight with your spouse can turn into something bigger if the consumption becomes more excessive.

Members of a family that have alcohol-binging problems tend to ignore their children, have frequent fights with their significant others, and destroy the lives of their loved ones, including their own. During family gatherings, a little comment or nuisance can tick off an alcohol binger, leading to unfortunate events like shouting off curse words or even breaking or throwing things.

man with an alcohol bottle going towards a woman sitting on the floor, covering herself in self-defense. The rage and aggressiveness from alcohol.

DIY techniques effective for reducing alcohol consumption

Cutting back on alcohol consumption at home can be a difficult task, one that requires sheer hard work and great perseverance. Keep in mind that a good recovery journey always starts with evaluating our problems and finding out their main source.

Does this mean finding out why there is a need to drink alcohol in the first place? Is it because of academic stress? Problem with your spouse? Or financial problems?

Whatever it is, once the source has been identified, you can follow the following DIY techniques.

Counting your drinks

By doing this, we become mindful of the amount of consumption, making us conscious of our drinking.

Having a full stomach

This is important in the sense that many of us turn to alcohol to fill up our tummies. But when we already feel full of food, there will be little or no space for any alcohol.

Avoid the ticks that set you off

Some certain acts or habits send us down that rabbit hole, and eventually, we are forced to pick up that bottle of alcohol either out of rage, sadness, or agitation. It’s recommended to stay away from habits or thoughts that trigger such emotions in a person.

The do’s and dont’s for a person on the recovery journey

Things one should do

  • Holding yourself accountable is extremely important. We need to understand the drastic effects of our patterns, and once we do that, it becomes easier to leave these patterns.
  • Learning to say no to nights out or plans that include drinking.
  • Drink in intervals. This makes sure that we don’t gulp too much alcohol in a sitting.
  • If it gets too much, seek medical and professional help.

Things one should avoid

  • Recovering in silence. Communicating plans with the people that surround us makes things easier and bearable.
  • Skipping meals is extremely bad for progress and needs to be avoided at all times.
  • Don’t shy away from getting professional help if matters get out of hand.

The benefits of in-home detox

  • Comfortable Environment as the process is carried out in known space.
  • Professional help means every behavior and pattern is scrutinized in a better light.
  • The anxiety that comes from change is likely to be reduced.


When matters get out of hand, we must seek out professional help. Our in-home detox services make sure our clients receive the treatment they deserve and see progressive results. So, contact us at Elite Home Detox now and get all the help you need!

In-Home Alcohol Addiction Recovery with Elite Home Detox

Elite Home Detox brings the services of a traditional rehabilitation clinic to the comfort of a patient’s home. Since every patient’s circumstances and needs are different, our comprehensive treatment plan is tailored to the individual.

In-home alcohol addiction recovery is a modern solution for the busy, fast-paced lifestyles of today.

Personalized attention

Unlike a traditional addiction rehabilitation clinic, where patients meet in groups, in-home rehab means that our patients get dedicated, one-on-one attention.

Elite Home Detox provides a 24/7 onsite medical professional to monitor the patient, make changes to the treatment plan as necessary, and answer any questions that the patient, friends, or family may have. We are with our patients every step of the way to ensure a safe and healthy recovery with long-lasting results.

Convenient and private

Both inpatient and outpatient clinics require patients to travel to their destination. This is not only costly, but it also requires a significant amount of the patient’s time. In-home addiction rehabilitation works with the patient’s schedule, minimizing disruptions while maximizing results.

Some people may find group therapy beneficial. However, since addiction recovery is an intense and involved process, many patients prefer discretion while rehabilitating. That’s why Elite Home Detox brings our services directly to our patients for unmatched convenience and privacy.

Comprehensive, quality care

From genetics to social environment, many factors can contribute to a person developing an addiction to alcohol. These same factors need to be addressed during alcohol addiction rehab for a successful and lasting recovery. From detox to counseling that helps patients develop healthy coping mechanisms, Elite Home Detox offers the same services and quality of care as traditional rehab clinics.

Our team is thoroughly trained in addiction recovery, and every program is overseen by our medical director to ensure quality care.

Experience Care with Elite Home Detox