Fentanyl Addiction Treatment In Texas

This article will go over different kinds of addiction treatment options for fentanyl addiction and the pros and cons of each. You are in the right place if you or someone you know needs help fighting a fentanyl addiction. Getting treatment is an important step in the recovery process. Continue reading to learn more about treatment options.

Inpatient treatments

Inpatient addiction programs are when the patient is held in a facility for 24/7 care. This is then broken down into two types. Short-term and long-term inpatient programs. The short-term program may last around 2-6 weeks, while the long-term program can last 6-12 months.


  • Supervised 24/7 for medical reasons
  • Peer group activities


  • The cost of these programs is typically high
  • May feel isolated from others

Outpatient treatments

An outpatient treatment program is the most versatile and flexible. Programs can be chosen that will best fit the patient’s needs. These can range from simply attending drug and alcohol classes to full-day, more intensive programs.


  • Patients can continue to work during treatment
  • Won’t feel isolated from outside life


  • Outpatient treatments typically have a lower success rate than inpatient treatments.
  • It may offer too much flexibility for some patients.

In-home treatments

In-home treatments are typically the most comfortable for the patient. Being in a familiar home setting can help many go through the process slightly easier. A medical professional may stay on-site with the patient 24/7 to monitor and help through withdrawal symptoms.


  • Comfortable and discreet
  • 24/7 monitoring when needed


  • Maybe more risk of relapse
  • It May be harder if you live with others

Now you know about different available rehab options. If you or someone you know needs help with a fentanyl addiction, any of these options can help.

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