How To Find A Reliable Drug Detox Program In California

Finding a reliable drug detox program can be challenging. The best advice is to do your research, find out what type of treatment you feel would be the best for you, and go from there. Generally, three types of treatments are available for those in need of a rehab program.

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • In-home

All 3 of them will provide support, medical supervision, and the treatment you need. However, each one is different in how those services are given.

Pros of the different drug detox programs

Searching for the best way to start your drug-free journey can be overwhelming. Any therapy you choose will be beneficial, but some types may be more suited to your specific situation than others.

Inpatient drug detox can give you a structured environment that is very important for many addicts. Around-the-clock care and 24/7 medical supervision may be what you need to start your road to recovery.

Outpatient care benefits individuals who need less supervision because they have a strong support system at home and are confident in their recovery progress.

In-home therapy combines the best parts of inpatient and outpatient therapy. Elite Home Detox makes medical supervision available to you at your convenience and will be there for you throughout your entire drug detox journey. You can rely on us to understand your specific situation and give you the most detailed treatment plan. Schedule an appointment with us today.

In-Home Opioid Addiction Recovery with Elite Home Detox

Prescription opioids are safe when used as prescribed. Addiction can happen when these medications are used in greater quantities or for longer than intended. When an opioid addiction happens, a person becomes physically and psychologically dependent on this drug.

In-home opioid addiction recovery is a modern solution for busy individuals in all walks of life, offering…

Personalized attention

Elite Home Detox brings the services of a traditional rehab clinic into a patient’s home, offering dedicated, one-on-one attention for every patient. Since every patient’s circumstances and needs are different, we tailor a comprehensive treatment plan to every individual.

Elite Home Detox provides an onsite team member 24/7 to monitor the patient, adjust the treatment plan as necessary, and answer any questions that the patient, their friends, or their family may have about detox or our rehabilitation program. We stay with our patients every step of the way to ensure a safe recovery with results that last.

Convenient and private

Whether elsewhere in-town or out of town, inpatient and outpatient clinics require patients to travel to get the treatment they need. Not only is this travel costly, but it also takes away valuable time from the patient’s busy life. Elite Home Detox brings appointments to the comfort of the patient’s home and eliminates the need for the patient to travel. We work with the patient’s schedule to minimize disruptions and maximize results.

Although some people may find group therapy beneficial, other people prefer privacy while they recover from addiction. Elite Home Detox brings comprehensive addiction rehabilitation services directly to our patients for unmatched privacy.

Comprehensive, quality care

Genetics and social environment are just two of the many factors that can contribute to a person developing an opioid addiction. These same factors need to be addressed during rehab for successful recovery that lasts. Elite Home Detox offers the same services and quality of care as traditional rehab clinics to ensure our patients get the care and support they need every step of the addiction recovery journey.

Our medical team is trained and experienced in all aspects of addiction recovery, and every program is overseen by our medical director to ensure top quality care.

Experience Care with Elite Home Detox