California Sober Companionship: How Does It Work & What Are The Benefits?

This article will describe what sober companionship is, who it is right for, its benefits, and how a sober companion can help prevent relapse.

What is sober companionship?

Sober companionship offers you one-on-one assistance after you have stopped using drugs. It can help you stay committed to sobriety and prevent relapse. A sober companion cannot be just anyone you choose, however. Sober companions need to be properly trained to best help you. Their training teaches them effective ways to support you emotionally and advocate for your recovery.

Who is it right for?

A sober companion can greatly help you if you have just recently detoxed, whether it’s the first time you’ve gotten sober or after a recent relapse.

They can help you feel less alone in your recovery journey, and having a sober companion adds another person to your support team.

What are the benefits?

You will likely need a lot of mental and emotional guidance and support after detoxing. Although the physical recovery has passed, your mental and emotional recovery will be quite a process.

A sober companion can be there every step to encourage your continued recovery and abstinence from drugs.

How can a sober companion prevent relapse?

There are many ways a sober companion can help you keep from relapsing, including:

  • They can get rid of any drugs or alcohol you have at home so that you are not tempted to relapse because you have easy access to what you were addicted to.
  • They will remind you and expect you to adhere to the skills you learned in rehab.
  • They will advocate against using drugs or alcohol or being around people who make you want to use or who you used with in the past.
  • They can help you repair and build a group of people who support you in healthy ways while remaining part of that group of positive supporters.
  • They can also schedule appointments and give you rides to and from your appointments.

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