What is Methylphenidate? Uses, Side Effects, Withdrawal Symptoms, and More

When we are prescribed a drug, we may not know a lot about it. This is especially true if the drug is a lesser-known medication or the generic version of a more popular drug. This can make it difficult to figure out how the drug is supposed to work and whether or not there are any risks associated with taking the medication. While we are given some information about when the drug is prescribed, it’s important to know all we can learn about a medication before committing to taking it.

Elite Home Detox provides information and detox services to our clients to help them combat the effects of addiction, even in prescription medications. In this post, we will discuss the drug Methylphenidate, what it is, what it’s used for, the potential for side effects and addiction, the effects of withdrawal, and how to get help with detox if it is needed.

What is Methylphenidate, and what does it do?

The name methylphenidate may not be familiar to many because it is actually the generic name for many medications used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. The most widely known drug on the list is the drug Ritalin.

Methylphenidate, in all of its forms, is classified as a stimulant, being that it stimulates the part of the body or brain. In this case, it operates on the central nervous system and the brain to control the symptoms of .

When a person has ADHD, the brain fails to produce enough of what is called the ‘reward hormone’, dopamine. This results in the brain being unable to focus on the task at hand because it is always searching for stimuli that will cause the release of more dopamine.

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Persons with ADHD are unable to focus, particularly on mundane or boring tasks, and instead are constantly moving from one thing to the next, seeking excitement or gratification. This is why so many children and teens have trouble in school due to the way that their brain behaves and the fact that they physically cannot focus. The medication works to help activate the brain and release more dopamine, causing an increase in focus and concentration. Though the drug is a stimulant, it works to calm down those with ADHD.

Side effects and addictive potential

Methylphenidate has a tendency to create a psychoactive effect on those who have ADHD. This psychoactive effect can lead to feelings of euphoria, which some who abuse the drug find pleasurable.

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For those without ADHD, the drug actually has the opposite effect. It behaves exactly as many other stimulants do; it suppresses the appetite and causes one to have intense focus, insomnia, and increased energy. For this reason, these drugs are widely abused by those without ADHD, and there is a habit of people selling prescriptions for the drug and trying to find other means of acquiring the drug. Part of the reason for the addictive potential of the drug is due to the fact that many people, both those with ADHD and without, enjoy the effects of the drug, leading them to want to take more in order to feel those effects.

Secondly, and most importantly, the reason Methylphenidate is considered highly addictive is due to the way the drug interacts with the brain and the central nervous system. As a drug interacts with parts of the body like the brain and , it begins to change them, and the body becomes dependent on the drug in order to function normally. Once this dependence reaches its peak, the person becomes fully addicted to the drug.

Withdrawal symptoms and timeline

Withdrawal is different for every individual, and the severity and symptoms will depend on factors like overall health, length of addiction, and amount used on a regular basis.

Many of the withdrawal symptoms are psychological in nature as the drug causes psychoactive effects. The person may experience anxiety, depression, mood swings, hallucinations, and even psychosis.

The withdrawal process typically starts within a day of stopping the use of the drug and can persist for a few days to a few weeks depending on several factors. There is a chance that symptoms can become quite severe without medical supervision, with there even being a risk of heart failure for some people. It is also never advised to quit using the drug abruptly as this can worsen symptoms and cause more complications.

How Elite Home Detox can help

If you know someone suffering from methylphenidate addiction, then the time to get them help is now. Elite Home Detox brings the medical professionalism and discretion you need to your home so that you can get your loved ones the care they need without dealing with a treatment center.

EHD Can Help You Through The Withdrawal Process

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