How To Safely Get Off Methadone At Home

While it is possible to undergo this process at home, many medical professionals discourage taking the journey without guidance. It is more addictive than other drugs, and the withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Let’s look at what makes getting off of methadone so challenging, a DIY strategy to do it at home, and professional options to maximize your chance of success.

Methadone may worsen pre-existing conditions

When you stop taking methadone, other issues may be negatively affected. For example, if you have an existing mental health condition or substance abuse problem, becoming addicted to methadone may have worsened these issues or given rise to new ones.

Increased cravings

The most important thing to remember is that cravings are a sign of addiction and can also be a sign of withdrawal and relapse if the dosing was mismanaged. During the process, you will see all three of these factors contributing to intense cravings to go back to previous levels.

Withdrawal symptoms associated with methadone are severe

The withdrawal symptoms associated with methadone can be intense and may include anxiety, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and headaches. Methadone withdrawal symptoms can last upwards of 10 days.

If you have been on methadone for a long time, your detoxification process may be more severe and require more attention and care.

How to get off methadone at home using DIY techniques

Those who have only used methadone for a short period of time or in small dosages may feel confident in attempting the detox process independently. If that is the case, here are some keys to doing so effectively.

Determine dependence

Factors to help determine this include length of time, dosage amount, and if you are taking it orally or by injection. Identifying your level of dependence will give you a baseline to start treatment and give you an idea of the timeframe.

Decrease the amount

Also known as tapering, begin slowly reducing your amount of methadone. Keep in mind this will be different depending on your tolerance.

Adjust to accommodate severity of withdrawals

Pay attention to how severe your symptoms get as you continue to taper. If they become unbearable or severe, adjust accordingly.

Continue until completion

This may take weeks or even months and can change as your home treatment progresses.

Professional in-home treatment programs

In-home treatment programs provide patients with the best of both worlds. Professional care at home could be a great option to cultivate a safe environment and avoid outside triggers. In-home treatment programs also provide patients with a support network that can help them stay clean and avoid relapse moving forward.

If someone is having trouble stopping opiate use on their own, guided in-home recovery care such as the one we provide may be the advantage needed for patients to get clean for good.

Professional medical supervision from an experienced doctor who knows exactly what kind of medications should be prescribed would be invaluable.

We understand that it can be difficult to get off something as powerful as methadone. For many people, going through withdrawals unsupervised can be dangerous. There are several ways to help you deal with withdrawals safely, but the most important is finding the best environment to support your recovery from addiction.

For many, it is being able to do it safely from the comfort of their own homes. If that is you, we invite you to connect with us to talk over your options utilizing our in-home treatment services to ensure your highest level of success in this challenging process.

EHD Can Help You Through The Withdrawal Process

Elite Home Detox is here for you if you need help withdrawing from Methadone or any other addictive drug. We can provide you with the one-on-one care you need while going through detoxification and withdrawal symptoms caused by addiction. And best of all, we come to you! You can make a full and lasting recovery in the comfort of your home with the help of our expert medical team. Contact us today to learn more.

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