How a Palo Alto Opioid Detox Program Works

Have you or a loved one ever tried to stop using a prescription medication only to be met with little to no success?

Without the proper help and support, relapse is highly likely for those addicted to drugs, especially highly addictive ones like opioids. To have the best chances of recovering from opioid addiction, it is always best to participate in a medically supervised detox program. You can also have detox brought to your home so that you have the medical support you need with all your privacy intact.

Why detox is important

Many people still think it is ok to quit using drugs like opioids cold turkey. The trouble is that quitting means the person has to deal with withdrawal without help. This is not only more likely to cause relapse; it can be life-threatening if the symptoms are severe and the person has any underlying health conditions.

This is because the body gets used to the effects of the opioids, and when a person stops, the body reacts to it in ways that can be dangerous, from nausea and vomiting up to heart problems and seizures.

Detox provides a safe space to get clean of opioids along with medical support, and getting detox done in your own home offers a level of comfort that treatment centers can’t offer. Once the process is complete, you can go to treatment.

Recover From Opioid Use At Home With Elite Home Detox

The only way to have reliable medical attention during detox is if you’re going through an opioid detox program. You can do this at an inpatient facility or from the comfort of your home. Elite Home Detox is a national leader in at-home opioid detox programs. We provide you with 24/7 in-home care throughout the withdrawal process. Call today to make an appointment and start on your path to recovery.

Experience Care with Elite Home Detox