How An Orange County Opioid Detox Program Works

Opioids are some of the most widely prescribed drugs in America. Because of the number of them available, it is easy for a person to either accidentally or on purpose become addicted to the drugs. Once a person becomes addicted to opioids, it is incredibly hard to get away from the addiction and get clean. The best way to get clean is through detox with medical support to limit the risks associated with the withdrawal process.

Withdrawal is the process of a drug like opioids leaving the body and the body reacting to the lack of that substance. Relapse is a real possibility during withdrawal without the presence of medical support, so trying to quit cold turkey is never a good idea. Thankfully you can get medically supported detox in the comfort of your home without having to enter a rehab facility or divulge all of your information to everyone.

What does at-home detox look like?

The detox process typically lasts a week, and while the process is happening, the person also goes through withdrawal. By choosing at-home detox, you can have trained medical personnel come to your home to assist with the process, including providing medication to help control withdrawal symptoms and monitor the individual’s health for any complications.

Once the process is complete, the medical professionals will leave, and the person can decide whether or not they would like to continue the process by entering a treatment program.

Recover From Opioid Use At Home With Elite Home Detox

The only way to have reliable medical attention during detox is if you’re going through an opioid detox program. You can do this at an inpatient facility or from the comfort of your home. Elite Home Detox is a national leader in at-home opioid detox programs. We provide you with 24/7 in-home care throughout the withdrawal process. Call today to make an appointment and start on your path to recovery.

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