How a New York Opioid Detox Program Works

Every year millions of Americans become addicted to opioids, and once this happens, it can be very difficult to quit without the proper help. In fact, not having help if you try to quit using opioids can be dangerous and lead to life-threatening consequences. However, you can get help with detoxing brought directly to your home so that the entire process is monitored and supervised by medically trained professionals.

Why is detox important?

Detox is removing the harmful substance from your body, in this case, opioids. The only way to truly get clean of substance abuse is through detox.

The trouble is that while a person goes through detox, they also go through what are known as withdrawal symptoms. This is caused by the lack of a drug in a person’s body. Depending on usage history and health, this can last from a few days to a few weeks. Withdrawal can be very dangerous if gone alone because the symptoms can range from very mild to incredibly severe and, when compounded with existing health issues, can lead to life-threatening complications.

Not only that, trying to detox without supervision is much more likely to lead to relapse than when going through detox with medical supervision. This is because the person has access to substances, and the side effects and cravings can get so intense that a person is much more likely to use them to relieve the withdrawal symptoms.

Recover From Opioid Use At Home With Elite Home Detox

The only way to have reliable medical attention during detox is if you’re going through an opioid detox program. You can do this at an inpatient facility or from the comfort of your home. Elite Home Detox is a national leader in at-home opioid detox programs. We provide you with 24/7 in-home care throughout the withdrawal process. Call today to make an appointment and start on your path to recovery.

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