How A California Opioid Detox Program Works

Opioid addiction has become a national pandemic in recent years and has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Opioids are one of the most addictive and harmful drugs known to man, which means it’s extremely important to find a detox program to overcome your addiction. In this article, we will look at how a California opioid detox program works. We’ll look at what to expect throughout the process and how to find the best opioid detox program.

What to expect when going through opioid detox

Let’s start by looking at a general overview of the detox process. The timeline varies depending on whether you’re addicted to a long-acting opioid or a short-acting one.

The first 8-48 hours: In the first 48 hours, you’ll start to feel the initial effects of withdrawal. You’ll feel it sooner for short-acting opioids.

Days 3-4: Withdrawal will reach its peak on day three for short-acting opioids, and the peak will be starting for long-acting opioids on day 4.

Days 5-6: Days 5-6 will mark the withdrawal peak for long-acting opioids and the final stages for short-acting opioids.

Day 7: Day 7 will finally bring about the end of the withdrawal period for long-acting opioids.

Symptoms to expect

The first 8-48 hours: You’ll start to experience headaches, nausea, panic attacks, a runny nose, insomnia, aches and pains, and aggression.

Days 3-4: All the symptoms from the first two days plus vomiting, diarrhea, a fever, and extreme discomfort.

Days 5-6: All the symptoms from the first four days but amplified.

Day 7: Symptoms will start to subside and be reduced to fatigue, depression, and insomnia.

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