Can You Use Tramadol to Manage Opiate Withdrawal?

If you are preparing to detox from an opiate, you are likely looking for ways to lessen the discomfort and danger of the withdrawal process. Tramadol is known as a strong painkiller that is much less addictive than traditional opiates, but is it effective for treating opioid withdrawal? Read on to find out.

Will tramadol stop opiate withdrawal?

While tramadol is overall less addictive than most opioids, it is still an opioid itself that users can become dependent on. Someone who is already addicted to an opiate is likely to also become addicted to tramadol.

Tramadol functions in two ways to relieve pain – stimulating opioid receptors in the brain like other opioid drugs, and preventing the absorption of neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine. This means that someone who is trying to detox may experience two sets of symptoms – those typical of opiates, or atypical opioid withdrawal syndrome, which is unique to tramadol.

Atypical opioid withdrawal syndrome symptoms include:

  • Intense paranoia
  • Panic attacks
  • Unusual sensory experiences
  • Confusion

Why your detox should be medically managed

The truth is that an addiction expert is the only person who can tell you if tramadol could help with opiate withdrawals during your detox. The safest way to detox from both tramadol and traditional opiates is to slowly reduce how much you take over time, gradually tapering down doses. Only a healthcare professional can look at your overall health and determine an appropriate and effective tapering schedule.

Medically managed detox is also significantly more comfortable than detoxing alone. Doctors can evaluate you and put plans in place to address withdrawal symptoms safely. Opiates tend to have a lot of negative interactions with a variety of drugs; having a doctor oversee your detox doesn’t just mean physical safety, it can mean mental relief. Instead of obsessively label checking for interactions and keeping track of various over-the-counter medications, you can relax and focus on your recovery.

Using tramadol for withdrawal from opiates like oxycodone has been explored in studies, but more research is needed to determine if it should become a standard treatment.


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