Adderall Addiction Signs

When we have prescribed a medication, it is to treat a specific condition most of the time. One such drug that is commonly prescribed is Adderall. Adderall is most often used in the treatment of ADHD and similar disorders. However, like almost every drug out there, it is possible to become addicted to Adderall. For those who live with someone taking Adderall, it helps to know the signs of addiction so that it is possible to get the help they need if they become addicted.

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In this post, we are going to discuss the drug Adderall and some of the signs that a person may be addicted to it, as well as how to get someone’s help if they become addicted.

Using more than prescribed

One of the most obvious and noticeable signs that a person has become addicted to Adderall is when they begin using way more than they are supposed to. This may mean taking more of the prescription, changing the way they ingest the drug or seeking out more once a prescription has run out.

Using Adderall without a prescription

Many people who abuse or are addicted to Adderall actually do not have a condition that the drug is prescribed for. This is because the drug behaves differently in the body for those without ADHD and similar conditions.

In these people, the drug suppresses the appetite and causes a feeling of alertness and the ability to stay awake, sometimes for days at a time.

Changing social behavior

In many cases, once a person begins abusing a drug like Adderall, they start to alter their behavior to hide that fact. Sometimes this is out of shame or to hide the fact that they are using illicit means to acquire the drug.

They often become detached from friends and family, neglect day-to-day responsibilities, and no longer find enjoyment in things they once found entertaining or fun.

man holding his head in his hands, having hard time to concentrate

Trouble at work or school

Along with changing social behavior, another clear sign that a person may be abusing Adderall is if they have trouble meeting their duties and responsibilities at work or school. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as being unable to focus on the task at hand or being too distracted trying to find and acquire more of the drug to use.

The struggle to maintain a normal life while abusing a drug like Adderall has the likelihood of damaging multiple parts of a person’s life and relationships.

Legal and financial troubles

Over time as a person continues to misuse drugs, they become more and more fixated on ways to acquire that drug and will do whatever it takes to get more. This ultimately can lead to poor choices that can land a person in legal and financial trouble.

They may resort to illegal means to acquire the drug, such as stealing or buying other people’s prescriptions, and in some cases, they can spend large amounts of money just securing the drug or end up paying fines and facing imprisonment for their behavior.

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